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There are so many special things that one can experience in London, from inspiring history and impressive landmarks to state-of-the-art museums and incredibly pretty neighbourhoods.


All of these are special and unique in their own way. But there are quite a few things that are so special that have become associated with the name London, part of its character and charm and the British capital would not be the same without them.

Read our list below and you will see what we mean!


And make sure you add at least one or two to your list of things to do when you are in London, you can thank us later!

Things that only happen in London
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See the Changing of the Guard

Probably the most famous performance in the world, the changing of the guard, which takes place in front of the Buckingham Palace is by far, the London experience that gets the biggest attention from the crowds.

A centuries-old British tradition which involves the guards who have finished their duty to perform a ceremonial march when being relieved, usually accompanied by a fanfare, is made even more attractive by their famous red uniforms and bearskin hats, which really look like they were taken right from the pages of a book.

Royal Guards
Tour London from the upper deck of a red bus

Your experience of the British capital will not feel more real until you come close to one of London’s iconic double-decker red buses.


London has a very reliable and frequent bus service with many routes running 24-hour schedules, but apart from being just a means of transport, the red buses provide you with a totally memorable experience.

A lot of routes go past London’s popular landmarks or through picturesque neighbourhoods, and if you’re lucky to find the front seats on the upper deck available, you can enjoy a fantastic tour around the streets of London.

Have afternoon tea with a view

One of the most special experiences one can have in London is the afternoon tea, or high-tea as it is also known as, in one of London’s exquisite venues.

Places all over the city, from high street cafes to the most luxurious hotels and restaurants, from the most traditional to the most modern settings, compete in trying to get people’s attention with their tea offer. 

The speciality tea selection is usually accompanied by a colourful display of minuscule sweet and savoury delights, neatly arranged on a tiered cake stand, making you wonder for a minute whether they are just for decoration.

And to keep up with the variety of taste preferences, you can definitely enjoy coffee instead of tea and having a bubbly twist added to the whole experience, is more and more popular.

The view over the Thames available in many venues along the river comes as a bonus, but that's just our preference.

Afternoon Tea London
Take a ride in a London black cab

The black cab is undeniably a London icon. Apart from being a reliable means of transport (that is if it’s not rush hour and you get stuck in traffic at some busy junction), riding in one of London’s black taxis is a bit of an experience, a must-try when in London.

To find one, look for a special taxi rank especially in busy parts of Central London or just wave to one on the street if their light is on and be sure to discuss your destination with your cab driver before getting into the car.


And if you’re lucky to have a friendly driver – and most of them are – then you can also engage in a bit of a jolly chit chat about, you guessed it, the British weather.

Stand where East meets the West

Another unique and wonderful experience that made it on our list of things that you can only enjoy in London is seeing the famous line that splits the globe into two halves – the Greenwich Meridian Line, which can be found inside the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

The dividing line between eastern and western time zones and the Western and Eastern hemispheres is marked on the pavement so you can actually stand with one foot in the east and the other in the West.

That’s rather cool, right?

Greenwich Meridian Line.jpg



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